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 January 30, 2015  

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The Kansas City Sluggers organization is a member of Premier Baseball.


Mission Statement

The Sluggers Baseball Club is dedicated to the development of young baseball players in Kansas City and the surrounding area. The Sluggers teams provide opportunity and training for the college bound baseball player, while emphasizing fundamental skills, advanced techniques, good sportsmanship and fun.

     The Sluggers teams are for college bound athletes and their parents. Families who desire to participate in college baseball must understand the time commitment that is necessary to develop the skills individually and collectively. The Sluggers will provide the opportunity to develop the essential skills through experienced coaching, practice opportunities, and games against the top teams in the country.
     Although exposure is important to everyone, our primary focus will always be on the development of the team. A great team will enhance everyone's opportunity to play college baseball.

Program Goals
  1. To enhance each players experience through reinforcement and mastery of basic fundamentals and the development of team concepts in a highly competitive environment.
  2. To help athletes develop a sense of teamwork, pride, effort, self-discipline and self-motivation.
  3. To provide expert coaches who genuinely care about the athletes and the team, and not just winning.
  4. To assist the college bound athlete in gaining visibility for college recruiters.
  5. To learn to represent themselves, their parents, and the organization in a class manner.

Becoming a Slugger

Coaching Staff

Coaches involved in the program are all experienced in college and professional baseball with extensive baseball coaching experience. Our coaches have an extensive network of college coaches and professional scouts across the country to provide access for our players.

The summer season will run from late May through early August. Our top teams will practice and play six days per week. A commitment to Slugger baseball means it is your number one priority. There is no reason to miss a Slugger event. Slugger players will also participate in off season training and the fall program. If an athlete is participating in high school athletic programs, he will be excused from Slugger events during the school year.

Tournament Competition

Tournament competition is the focus of this team not only because it is the best method for development, but also because the quality of competition is not available without traveling to meet the competition. Tournament play lends itself to our need to meet the best across the country. In addition, this is the best way for college coaches to see and evaluate many players at one time.

Financial Information

The funding for the program comes from corporate sponsorships, fundraising projects, players' fees, and tournament income. Each family is required to pay a participation fee for each of their sons participating in the Sluggers Baseball Program. Parents and players will be responsible for transportation to and from tournaments, hotel rooms, and all meals.


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